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Electric Vehicle (EV) Stocks $NIO, $LI, $TSLA on a spectacular rally

Electric Vehicle (EV) stocks $NIO, $TSLA, $LI, $XPENG, etc. are on fire this week and overall this year.

We can generally say, this is the year of EV stocks. Tesla is a leader in the field of EV and recently announced its EV truck as well. $TSLA had its run for a while and this year it’s return is about 3.5X. $NIO – also known as Tesla of China reached $54.20 today which is about 30 times from its 52-week low of $1.66. There were some recent IPOs such as $LI and $XPENG all had its run as well. $NKLA did well and due to investors’ skepticism based on some unsubstanciated claims, it’s CEO had to resign and the stock value tanked.

Recently GM posted about 3000 jobs in EV side of its manufacture. Many traditional automakers are looking to expand to EV. Nissan recently announced it’s own new EV Ariya models in addition to its Leaf.

EV market seems to be high valued on promise and there seem to be a tough competition ahead.



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