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BitCoin soaring inch closer to $29,000 in all time high

Bitcoin today reached all time record high of $28,969.90 (+7.36%) as 2020 is closing in a day. This is one of the interesting year on so many levels with the pandemic and various other things. Bitcoin hitting all time high a day before the closing of 2020 is another interesting thing to add.

Bitcoin soared about 50% in december of 2020. Bitcoin was designed by an open-source software programmer with the name Satoshi Nakamoto designed11 years ago, the first cryptocurrency. It was built atop a cryptography-based “blockchain” network that could support a peer-to-peer electronic payments system, one that wouldn’t be under the control of any single person, company or government. There are many varieties of bitcoins for all prices and sizes.

Let’s see what 2021 will be?




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