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Time Mag: Musk is the person of the year 2021

Times magazine chose the man who became the richest man in the world this year, Elon Musk as their 2021 person of the year. His current networth is about $300 billion dollars, highest ever in the recorded history. Musk has added more than $100 billion to his wealth this year alone. Tesla joined a just a handful of companies with a market value over $1 trillion in October this year. He also serves as the CEO of Space-X, which has become a go-to provider of launch services for customers such as NASA.

Time praised him with “The richest man in the world does not own a house and has recently been selling off his fortune. He tosses satellites into orbit and harnesses the sun; he drives a car he created that uses no gas and barely needs a driver. With a flick of his finger, the stock market soars or swoons. An army of devotees hangs on his every utterance. He dreams of Mars as he bestrides Earth, square-jawed and indomitable. Lately, Elon Musk also likes to live-tweet his poops.

Time concluded with “We don’t yet know how fully Tesla, SpaceX and the ventures Musk has yet to think up will change our lives. At 50, he has plenty of time to write the future, his own and ours. Like it or not, we are now in Musk’s world.

Clearly, he is one of the biggest influencer this year, making the Doge coin and other unknown crypto currencies to soar just from his tweets. Lately he is also taking some politicial swipes on world leaders, which has it’s own share of support and criticism from netizens.

Here is a link to their story: https://time.com/person-of-the-year-2021-elon-musk



  1. Elon lost many when he wanted to shove a long metal tube through submerged caves to save those kids in Thailand, and when someone not on his payroll dared to tell him how stupid a plan it is he wigged and bashed the guy publicly. I’m not saying he’s an idiot, but not being open to others ideas or criticism certainly doesn’t make him look like a genius either, he’s just another whiny rich kid but at least he’s making electric cars, I guess.

    Also not forget that he called the dude who rescued those kids a pedophile on Twitter for no f****g reason. Musk is a towering pile of sh1t and can go away any minute now.


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