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Windows 7 Dell computers on eBay

On eBay, there are sales on Dell computers that run windows 7. These include Dell Inspiron, Dell XPS, and many other types of Dell computers with windows 7. These computers should be bought! Here’s why.

First, these computers are cheap. These computers are 2010 computers. These computers won’t make you spend a lot of money compared to windows 11 and 10 computers.

Also, these computers can run faster because they have much faster chips. These run Intel processors (CPU). However, not all might have Intel CPU. These, however, might have NVIDIA GPU in them. This is perfect for 3-D graphics (if they do have GPU in them).

However, not all computers you see on eBay when you check the sales will be windows 7. They might be windows 10/11. But because these are 6th gen/7th gen, you can install windows 7 on them (unless you’re fine with windows 10/11).

In summary, it’s totally worth getting a Windows 7 computer from eBay. Be careful with computer products that make you bid the computer, though. If there are a lot of people who bid the computer, you may have to bid it for a higher price. These computers have faster CPU, and have cheaper prices. Here is the link to get a Windows 7 computer on eBay:




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