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The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Critical Thinking

In today’s fast-paced world, critical thinking is more crucial than ever when it comes to evaluating new information. Honing our critical thinking skills empowers us to sift through the noise, separate fact from fiction, and make well-informed decisions. By cultivating critical thinking, we develop the ability to question assumptions, analyze evidence, and consider multiple perspectives. It empowers us to navigate the complex landscape of information overload and make informed choices that align with our values and goals.

Looking to enhance your critical thinking abilities? Incorporate these questions into your routine whenever you encounter or discuss new information. These broad inquiries will help you exercise and sharpen your critical thinking skills effectively.


… benefits from this?

… is this harmful to?

… makes decisions about this?

… is most directly affected?

… have you also heard discuss this?

… would be the best person to consult? 

… will be the key people in this? .

… deserves recognition for this?


… are the strengths/weaknesses?

… is another perspective?

… is another alternative?

… would be a counter-argument?

… is the best/worst case scenario?

… is most/least important?

… can we do to make a positive change?

… is getting in the way of our action?


… would we see this in the real world?

… are there similar concepts/situations?

.. is there the most need for this?

… in the world would this be a problem?

… can we get more information?

… do we go for help with this?

… will this idea take us?

.. are the areas for improvement?


… is this acceptable/unacceptable?

.. would this benefit our society?

.. would this cause a problem?

… is the best time to take action?

… will we know we’ve succeeded?

… has this played a part in our history?

… can we expect this to change?

… should we ask for help with this?


…is this a problem/challenge?

…is it relevant to me/others?

… is this the best/worst scenario?

… are people influenced by this?

… should people know about this?

… has it been this way for so long? 

… have we allowed this to happen? 

..is there a need for this today?


… is this similar to?

… does this disrupt things?

… do we know the truth about this?

.. will we approach this safely?

…does this benefit us/others?

… does this harm us/others?

.. do we see this in the future?

… can we change this for our good?

“Self-reflection entails asking yourself questions about your values, assessing your strengths and failures, thinking about your perceptions and interactions with others, and imagining where you want to take your life in the future.”



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