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AI Reboot: Sam Altman Reclaims the CEO at OpenAI.

In a dramatic twist reminiscent of Silicon Valley's most enthralling dramas, Sam Altman has made a triumphant return as CEO of OpenAI, just days after his sudden ousting. This reversal follows intense negotiations and substantial pressure from OpenAI’s investors, including heavyweights like Microsoft. The reshuffling of the board, with three new members replacing the previous leadership, marks a significant shift in the company's trajectory. OpenAI, still in the process of fortifying its board, is reportedly in talks to include representation...

OpenAI Employees Threaten Mass Exodus, Urge Board Resignation in Support of Ousted CEO Altman

In a move that underscores deep internal turmoil, hundreds of OpenAI employees, including high-profile executives and co-founder Ilya Sutskever, have taken a stand against the company's board. These employees, nearly the entirety of OpenAI's workforce, are demanding the resignation of the remaining board members, threatening to join the company's ousted CEO, Sam Altman, in his new venture at Microsoft.The situation came to light following a letter first reported by NBCNews, which approximately 667 OpenAI staff members signed out of...

Apple gets 36% from Google-Apple Multibillion-Dollar Search Agreement

Apple Gets 36% of Google's Search Revenue from Safari, Reveals Expert in Antitrust Trial. In a recent and unexpected courtroom revelation, it was disclosed that Google pays Apple a staggering 36% of its search advertising revenue generated through Safari. This information, revealed during an ongoing antitrust battle between Google and the Department of Justice, sheds new light on the highly lucrative and somewhat secretive deal between the two tech giants.

Apple vision pro, is it worth buying it?

Apple vision pro has many features, yet is it worth buying it? Apple vision pro was introduced in June 2023 in apple’s WWDC event this year (see event on the bottom of this page). In the event, it says this new spatial computer can be used by your eyes, hands, and voice. It uses a dual core chip design with M2 and R1. It says it uses the same pixels as an iPhone pixel. The Apple vision pro will...