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STEM and Robotics Design Project for Kids and STEM enthusiasts

Jasmine Florentine who is a mechanical design engineer, STEM content creator, and author-illustrator has a good number of robotics and stem project for kids and adult stem enthusiasts to explore. Checkout her projects here in the link below: https://www.jasmineflorentine.com/steam-activities

In her website, she notes that she “love[s] combining my passion for engineering, art, and storytelling to design creative learning experiences to engage kids with STEM. Content I’ve created includes: designing introductory robotics projects, creating lesson materials, making STEM-themed videos and animations, hosting workshops, and co-writing a live action role-playing game to introduce girls to programming. I also write and illustrate STEM-themed books and graphic novels.” She has a Youtube channel as well, check it out.



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