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Nine Presentation Lessons From Steve Jobs

Every presentation is an opportunity to make a stronger connection with your audience. It requires planning, time, and some creativity, but the payoff is worth the effort. Here are tips from one of the best presenters who made the best products.

Show Your Passion. Use simple terms and engage your audience by winning their enthusiasm.

One Sentence Summary of the Product. Called ‘Twitter-friendly headlines,’ they deliver the main message behind the product

Bring the Hero. After highlighting the villain, bring in the hero and give customers a good reason.

Bring the Villain. Every story needs a villain to highlight the hero. People need to be made to see why they might need the product.

Simple and Visual Slides. Keep the data simple. The average PPT slide has 40 words. Jobs finished his first in 19 words itself.

Prepare and Practice. Practice the presentation beforehand at the presentation venue. It helps you give it more confidently.

Tell them Stories. Tell them little stories of how you came up with the idea of the product or when you felt the need to have the product in your life.

Don’t Read from Notes. Giving a presentation without referring to points and information shows your confidence and involvement with the product.

Have Fun. When you have fun, your audience relaxes and is more receptive to your ideas. Create fun moments in the presentation, and you will be more memorable. You don’t need to conduct stand-up comedy; an occasional joke never hurts anyone.

One More Thing. Finish with One More thing. Give the audience a surprise with One More Thing.



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