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Learn to delegate like a pro.

The Ultimate Delegation Tips.

1. The 70% Rule: If someone can complete the task to at least 70% of your standard, delegate it to them.

2. The Golden Rules of Delegation: Always provide context. Make sure resources are available. Be crystal clear about expectations. Establish feedback mechanisms. Be patient and offer guidance when necessary. Recognize efforts. Always follow up.

3. The Eisenhower Matrix Use this matrix to prioritize work and find the tasks you should delegate.

4. The Five Levels of Delegation

Level 1: Wait to be told Level

2: Ask what´s next Level

3: Recommend, then act Level

4: Act, then inform Level

5: Act independently

6. The “Who, What, When” Who: Clearly identify who is responsible. What: Specify what needs to be done. When: Define a deadline.

6. Define Your “Commander’s Intent” Always share the main purpose of a task.

This way, even if plans change, the main goal is still reached. It lets people make decisions that match the leader’s main vision.



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