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Costco pricing secrets – spot a deal

Costco has secret pricing codes that can help it’s members to spot deals. Here is how to hack those pricing codes to shop in your favor and save some dollars.

Discounted Pricing: Prices end with 97cents – this one is to watch out for. These are limited-time special deals typically to get rid of products. It’s possible that a .97 item can to even lower if the product stays on the shelf longer.

Clearance Pricing: Asterisk (*) on the top right corner of the price card means Costco is clearing the product and not going to restock. These items are going to be discontinued. If this product is on your wish list, buy it ASAP, otherwise, it is not going to be back to shelf again.

Tip 1: If a price tag ends with .97 and an asterisc, that is a steal and sometimes you can talk to the floor manager to negotiate a lower price.

Tip 2: If the pricing card says, last item, typically you can talk to the manager to reduce the prices 10-15% down.

Normal pricing: Prices end with 99cents. Sometimes prices may end with .49, .59, .69 etc. are usually manufacturer discounted or regular prices.

Costco’s generous warranty and return policies places the Costo on top of the trusted and consumer friendly places to shop.



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