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Apple X Announced with FaceID along with cellular watch

Apple X announced yesterday with its flagship new iphone (pronounced as “Apple Ten” not as Apple “ex” – although it’s going to be trendy to call it “apple ex”), with unprecedented whopping price of $999 for the 64gb version.

One of the significant futuristic change to note is Touch ID being replaced by “Face ID”, with a dedicated neural network chip inside it’s signature product. The neural engine supposedly performs “up to 600 billion operations per second” to help speed AI tasks as per its press release.

And by the way, Apple just upped its AppleCare+ for iphone X to be $199 (regular iphone 8’s AppleCare+ is $129). Of course, apple bleeds the wallet.

Apple also released Apple Watch Series 3 featuring cellular version.
Apple Watch 3 series has sim enabled inside so that one can receive calls directly on your watch now.

By the way, if by any chance looks similar to one of android phones, don’t say anything about it, otherwise apple fan base will be all over you 🙂



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