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Is Apple Vision Pro worth buying it?

Apple vision pro has many features, yet is it worth buying it? Apple Vision Pro was introduced in June 2023 at Apple’s WWDC event this year (see event at the bottom of this page). In the event, it says this new spatial computer can be used by your eyes, hands, and voice. It uses a dual-core chip design with M2 and R1. It says it uses the same pixels as an iPhone pixel. You can also use it to watch your favorite shows or movies, and even play games! However, the battery life only lasts for 2 hours. The price of this Apple Vision Pro is $3,500. It is not affordable for many people. Only the wealthy people can afford it. More information about this product can be found by watching the 2 videos below.

Information: The next video will include more information on other products Apple announced in June 2023, not just the Apple Vision Pro. The other video will be on how they made the Apple Vision Pro.

In conclusion, it would be better not to spend $3,500 on this spatial headset. It’s not affordable for common folks. Instead, you could buy a Meta Quest Pro or the new Meta Quest 3. Here is what Mark Zuckerberg says about Apple Vision Pro.



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