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Apple gets 36% from Google-Apple Multibillion-Dollar Search Agreement

Apple Garners 36% of Google’s Search Revenue from Safari, Reveals Expert in Antitrust Trial

In an unexpected turn of events during the ongoing antitrust trial in Washington, Google’s main economics expert revealed that Apple Inc. receives 36% of the revenue from search advertising through the Safari browser. The disclosure, made by Kevin Murphy, a professor at the University of Chicago and an expert witness for Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, was not intended to be public knowledge. Murphy’s testimony on Monday marked a critical point in Google’s defense against the Justice Department’s allegations. The trial, centered on antitrust concerns, has highlighted the intricate and often secretive dealings between major tech companies.

The revenue sharing amount, a closely guarded secret until now, illustrates the extent of the partnership between Google and Apple in the search engine space. While accidental, the revelation of this percentage provides a rare glimpse into the financial dynamics underpinning the tech giants’ agreement.

Google’s arrangement with Apple, involving the Safari browser, has been a focal point in the broader discussion about market dominance and competition in the tech industry. Given its potential implications for both companies, this particular aspect of the trial has drawn attention from various market analysts and industry watchers.

The case continues to unfold in Washington, with more testimonies and evidence expected to surface. As the trial progresses, it will shed further light on the business practices of these tech behemoths and their impact on competition and consumers in the digital marketplace.

In the wake of this revelation, Google declined to comment, while Apple hasn’t commented so far. The trial, which has captured the tech world’s attention, promises to be a landmark case with significant repercussions for the industry.

As the legal proceedings continue, all eyes will be on the unfolding narrative, which could have far-reaching consequences for the way tech companies operate and collaborate in the increasingly competitive digital landscape.



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