Thursday, April 8, 2021
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Apple Car in 2024, rumors say may be?

There are some ruomors out there, that manufacturers in Taiwan may be preparing for produting iCar (iCare or whatever the name of the Apple’s Car) components. Apple obtained a car permit in 2017 and there were reports of Apple testing cars. Apple car project is known as Project Titan, and as always iPhone maker is tight-lipped about it.

Apple has reportedly tested few prototypes already and begin the manufacturing of components in the second quarter of the next year. Ming Chi Kuo, one of the notable Apple analysts, noted the Apple Car may be out there beyond 2023. He believes the project would reach mass production in 2023 to 2025.

Reports indicate, it might use Lidar sensors and that news sent the lidar stocks Velodyne (up 66%) and Luminar (up 27+%) moved up high.


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